No more Skype Meetings!



Arts Unlocked London is the brainchild of sisters Antonia and Davinia Gregory. Yesterday, Antonia packed up her Birmingham apartment and relocated down south to join Davinia. Now time to begin looking for an “Arts Unlocked HQ”. These are exciting times! Davinia writes:

This weekend we finally moved into the same town, and that is something huge for us! It’s the first time we’ve lived together for years and shows our commitment to building Arts Unlocked London: tying either of us to one place isn’t easy…

I took the photo above a moment after Antonia and I first decided to go into business together. The photos below were taken just before our next meeting (yes, it was a breakfast meeting 😉 ). The idea for AUL as it exists now was developed between us last year via Skype, because I was in Jamaica on a research trip and Antonia was volunteering at a school in Honduras. We’re both keen travellers for work and play, which has meant that we’ve taken quite a while to turn Arts Unlocked from the rice-grain idea that it was in June 2013, to what it is now: a real arts organization on the verge of launching.

Back then, we skipped about on our respective balconies in our separate countries, excited at the prospect of working together and wishing we could celebrate with each other. That wasn’t to be a reality until now; Antonia took a job in Birmingham upon her return to the UK, and I continued working between London, Bath and Paris. We continued with our Skype meetings, dividing work and squirreling away separately, until now. Antonia took the plunge and moved back down south yesterday, so we are finally living in the same city!

Once the university term has begun and I have finished preparing lectures and meeting my students, we’ll begin looking for a place to live and work together. Until then, my house will be our whole HQ, from illustration studio to finance office!   I am busy editing tours and Toni’s drawing up contracts for our wonderful AUL Experts. We are looking forward to getting stuck in at our new premises… Watch this space!


With Best Wishes


Davinia Gregory

Creative Director, Arts Unlocked London


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